Home Spun
August 27, 2011
December 27, 2011

'Home Spun' showcases the works of more than 36 artists from five countries. India, Pakistan and U.K figure most prominently among these five nations, while Sri Lanka, Iran, and Oman are represented by one artist each. Seven new commissions are being executed especially for 'Home Spun', which features a number of significant large-scale sculptural works such as Subodh Gupta’s "My Mother and Me", Rashid Rana’s "Desperately Seeking Paradise" and Hamra Abbas’s "In This is a Sign for Those who Reflect". As its title suggests, the exhibition is a spin on the idea of home. Home is a place as well as a state of mind: it has both a locational and an emotional dimension. At one level, the exhibition delves into the desire for sanctuary and, conversely, the pain of exile. It dramatises the tension between longing and belonging, and interrogates the nature of these fundamental sentiments. If the absence forced upon exiles makes their heart grow fonder, the familiarity of homespun domesticity can breed contempt. A number of artists in the show have satirised mundane, sedentary existence by producing quirky variations on ordinary objects. They have remade articles connected with daily routine – whether sofa sets, brooms, ceiling fans or typewriters – into rich and strange artefacts. These works are light in mood and for the most part small in scale, working as ensembles rather than stand-alone pieces.