Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition
August 18, 2012
April 15, 2013

Sarai Reader 09 is a nine month exhibition that will unfold as a process generative of visions, concepts, speculations and projections which, in turn, make room for heresy, for new modalities of being, for exchanges, relays and interferences. The exhibition will posit a situation of shifting co­-inhabitation in a space by many agents and actors, in diverse, multiple, conjoined and contradictory ways. It intends to investigate the nature of theensation of thinking, and its resonating extensions into the myriad worlds that we inhabit and invent.

Sarai Reader 09 will gather works incrementally over the nine months. Artists, researchers, scholars, curators, critics, filmmakers, writers, performers, dancers,musicians, magicians, activists, scientists, photographers, archivists, architects, poets, journalists, and more, are invited to make proposals that can be timed for specific durations. The exhibition space will keep transforming.

The exhibition will be punctuated through “episodes” – points of focus and dispersal – where processes that have been undertaken by artists will gather impetus and open out across concentrated moments of public attention. Each episode will be a day­long public event, with workshops, performances, talks, discussions, special screenings and music.

Episode One: 13th October, 2012

Episode Two: 15th December, 2012

Episode Three: 3rd February, 2013

The exhibition takes its name from the Sarai Reader book series, which have been widely recognised as a site of critical and creative thinking. The making of the book ‘Sarai Reader 09 (Projections)’, will accompany the exhibition.

Open Call for proposals for the exhibition:­forms/sarai­reader­09­exb