Where in the World
December 12, 2008
May 3, 2009

The Devi Art Foundation's second exhibition, slated to open 12th December 2008, will examine the impact of globalization and economic liberalization on contemporary art in India. 'Opening out' to the world has brought a range of new influences, opportunities, audiences, forms of circulation and means of production to Indian art in the last ten or fifteen years.

What does the new Indian art look like? Whom does it address? And how will we remember this era in the future? These are some of the key questions that this exhibition addresses through its four sections. The first section, 'Export,' traces the strategies used by artists asked to enact 'Indian-ness' in their work. The following sections, 'Outraged' and 'Outrageous,' examine the ways in which artists engage with issues and the larger public beyond the artworld. And finally, 'Uncollectable' considers the movements of objects through markets and into collections.